Basilur Tee "Cold Brew Assorted Mini" Gastro tea bags

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The Basilur Cold Brew collection is full of juicy fruits, herbs and natural flavours and contains the best of nature. 
It's a great option for a naturally decaffeinated drink for you or your child.

Don't have time to wait for your tea to cool? With Cold Brew, you no longer have to worry about cooling your tea. Simply pour cold water over the tea bag and enjoy your favourite refreshing flavour in no time at all.

It's also perfect hot! Don't worry! You can also make your tea the classic way by pouring hot water over it. These delicious, juicy compositions of fruits, flowers and herbs taste equally good hot or cold.

Cherry Lime - a combination of rosehips, hibiscus, orange fruit, orange leaves and stevia, as well as the natural flavour of cherry, lime and citrus fruits. A flavour combination with a hint of tartness, perfect for an afternoon energy boost.

Strawberry Cucumber & Mint - a combination of rosehips, mint and peppermint leaves, hibiscus, cucumber and the natural flavour of strawberries and mint. You'll love this deliciously crisp brew with juicy strawberry flavours in a chilled version with honey and ice cubes.

Granatapfel Blaubeere - eine Kombination aus Hibiskus, Granatapfelfrüchten, Orangenblättern, Stevia und dem natürlichen Geschmack von Granatapfel und Heidelbeeren. Jeder Schluck dieser Komposition transportiert Ihre Gedanken in einen Obstgarten voller duftertender Früchte.

Orange Mango - a combination of hibiscus, orange peel, rosehips, mango leaves and stevia with the natural flavour of mango, orange and lemon. This citrus blend will remind you of the flavour of hot summer.

Guava Passion Fruit - a combination of hibiscus, rosehips, guava leaves and stevia with the addition of passion fruit and citrus flavours. Thanks to its natural sweetness, it is a composition that is ideal for lifting the spirits and experiencing a moment of relaxation.

Tea type: Fruit tea
Tea packaging: Gastro tea bags
Packaging: Paper packaging
Contents: 20g (10x2g)

Preparation instructions: 
Black tea, spice tea and fruit tea: 1 teaspoon / 1 tea bag to 1 cup (200 ml), pour hot water at 100°C, leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes.
Green tea, white tea and oolong tea: 1 teaspoon / 1 tea bag to 1 cup (200 ml), pour 80°C hot water over it, leave to infuse for 2-3 minutes.  

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