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It can always be cooler: With Cold & Fresh Organic Grapefruit-Mint-Ginger from TEEKANNE, you have a stimulating tea creation for cold brewing in your tea glass! The trio of grapefruit, mint and ginger sharpens all the senses - ideal for moments that call for a short break. The pleasant...
AromaGrapefruit, Mint BrandTeekanne
Einfach cool bleiben und Teetassen holen: Mit Cold & Fresh Bio Orange-Rosmarin von TEEKANNE hast du eine erfrischende Teekreation für den Kaltaufguss zur Hand. Der Geschmack von sonnengeküssten Orangen und ätherischem Rosmarin schenken dir sofort die Gelassenheit des Südens. Die angenehme...
AromaOranges BrandTeekanne
No han steam in all cups: Cold & Fresh Organic Peach Passion Fruit from TEEKANNE is a fruity-fresh tea creation for cold brewing! Lovely peach and exotic passion fruit remind you of sunny holidays, the pleasant sweetness comes exclusively from sweet leaves (stevia) - the recipe does not...
AromaMaracuja, Peach BrandTeekanne
DIY iced tea? Yes! TEEKANNE Cool Sensations Ice Tea Currant & Lemon is a fruity, delicately acidic tea creation for cold brewing: simply pour on fresh, cold water and steep according to the desired intensity - done. The recipe does not contain any added sugar; the sweetness comes from sweet...
Aromablackcurrants, Lemons BrandTeekanne
Teapot frio currant-lemon fruity-refreshing tea enjoyment Experience the refreshing, fruity taste of frio currant-lemon from Teekanne. The cool tea enjoyment tastes especially of fresh currants, paired with the tangy acidity of lemon. frio Currant Lemon is perfect as a refreshing tea drink at...
AromaLemons, blackcurrants BrandTeekanne
Teapot frio watermelon-lime a deliciously tasty tea indulgence Experience the sweet and delicious taste of frio watermelon-lime from Teekanne. This summery tea treat tastes wonderfully of watermelon, combined with deliciously fruity lime. frio Wassermelone-Limette is perfect as a refreshing...
AromaWatermelon, Limes BrandTeekanne
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TEEKANNE Cool Sensations SPORTS Apple-Lemon +Magnesium is a flavoured fruit tea for cold infusions with tap water - ideal for refreshment on the go, for example on cycling or hiking tours. Magnesium enriches the recipe to optimally support sporting activities; but it also spruces up tea...
AromaApple, Lemons BrandTeekanne
TEEKANNE Cool Sensations SPORTS Mango-Orange +Vitamin B2, B6 and B12 is a flavoured fruit tea with benefits: The fruity taste unfolds in cold infusions, making the bags ideal leisure companions! Thanks to vitamin power, the recipe offers sports enthusiasts great added value, but it also...
AromaMango fruit, Oranges BrandTeekanne
Cool cup seeks cool sock! Cold & Fresh Organic Lemon Mint from TEEKANNE is a refreshing tea creation for cold brewing. The taste of tangy lemons and cooling mint activates you - like a cool breeze from the mountains. The pleasant sweetness comes exclusively from sweet leaves (stevia), the...
AromaMint BrandTeekanne
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Teapot frio Peach Passion Fruit deliciously fruity tea enjoyment Experience the fruity delicious taste of frio peach passion fruit from Teekanne. The refreshing tea enjoyment tastes deliciously of ripe peaches, paired with the exotic sweetness of passion fruit. frio Peach Passion Fruit is a...
AromaPeach, Maracuja BrandTeekanne
Teekanne frio rhubarb-cherry refreshing fruit tea Enjoy the fruity aroma of frio rhubarb-cherry from Teekanne. This refreshingly fruity tea treat tastes deliciously of tangy rhubarb, paired with the sweetness of cherries. frio rhubarb-cherry is a quick-to-prepare fruit tea, as all you need is...
AromaCherries, Rhubarb BrandTeekanne
Teapot frio Classic Iced Tea Peach from Black Tea Enjoy the fruity aroma of frio Classic Iced Tea Peach from Teapot. The refreshing iced tea treat tastes deliciously of fruity peach. frio Classic iced tea peach is a quickly prepared black tea with peach aroma, because all you need is the frio...
AromaPeach BrandTeekanne
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