Pukka Tee "love"

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Simply made from flowers - this tea is a gift of love. Indulge in a cup of caring where rose, lavender, chamomile and FairWild elder and lime blossoms enrich every sip. A tender way to give a little love every joyful, beautiful day.

Organic herbal tea, with ethically sourced ingredients, naturally caffeine free.

Ingredients: chamomile blossoms, linden blossoms, elder blossoms, marigold blossoms, liquorice root, rose blossoms, lavender blossoms.
FairWild-certified ingredients (linden blossom, elderflower, licorice root) in dry weight.
Fair trade ingredients, certified according to the Fair for Life standard - lime blossom, elderflower, liquorice root.

Packaging tea: gastro tea bags
Packaging: paper packaging
Content: 24g (20x1.2g)