Pukka Tee "charmante cassis"

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All people are beautiful. Let nature shine within you with this delicious, deep red fruit blend featuring juicy blackcurrant, tart-sweet beetroot, hibiscus blossom and rosehip, deliciously rounded off with orange zest. Drink it daily and early as beauty shines through you.

Organic fruit tea with currant extract, with ethically sourced ingredients, naturally caffeine-free.

Ingredients: Rose hips, hibiscus blossoms, liquorice root, sweet fennel seed, orange peel, beetroot, blackcurrant*, natural blackcurrant flavor, natural orange flavor.
FairWildTM certified ingredients (rosehip, licorice root) in dry weight.
Fair trade ingredients, certified according to the Fair for Life standard - rosehip, liquorice root, fennel.

Packaging tea: gastro tea bags
Packaging: paper packaging
Content: 38g (20x1.8g)