Teekanne frio "Classic Iced Tea Peach" Gastro Tea Bag

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Teapot frio Classic Iced Tea Peach from Black Tea
Enjoy the fruity aroma of frio Classic Iced Tea Peach from Teapot. The refreshing iced tea treat tastes deliciously of fruity peach. frio Classic iced tea peach is a quickly prepared black tea with peach aroma, because all you need is the frio tea bag and cold water. Then enjoy that summery iced tea feeling at home or as a thirst quencher on the go.

frio iced tea for cold brewing
You don't need boiling water to prepare frio tea from Teekanne, because frio tea has been specially developed for preparation with cold water. Enjoy it quickly, ready to drink - without a kettle. Simply pour the frio tea bags into a glass with the designated amount of water and enjoy after 5-8 minutes of brewing time.

Teapot frio - peach iced tea without calories
frio Classic Iced Tea Peach from Teekanne is a great alternative to sweetened iced tea. You can enjoy the wonderfully refreshing aroma of Classic Iced Tea Peach without sugar, without calories and with full flavour.

Ingredients: Black tea with sweet leaves, acidifier: citric acid, chicory root, peach granules.
100% of the black tea in this product comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms. 
Flavour: Peach

Tea type: Black tea
Packaging tea: gastro tea bags
Packaging: Paper packaging
Contents: 45g (18x2.5g)