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The Kitchen Basics Set - the basic equipment for a spicy kitchen!

Kitchen Punk - The blend with Swiss Alpine salt, leeks, carrots and lovage roots, rounded off with white pepper, fenugreek seeds, turmeric and ground mushrooms. The power blend with lots of natural flavor enhancers! Use Kitchen Punk like the #romate you're used to! The bombastic all-purpose seasoning for your kitchen!

Chili Manili - The blend with Swiss alpine salt, Swiss alpine chili, smoked paprika and tomato rounded off with a slightly fresh eucalyptus note of cubeb pepper. Chili Manili - is the perfect companion to grilled meats and potatoes. Marinate your (v)leish with it or work Chili Manili into an arrabiatta sauce or a spicy dip.

Just Meat It - The blend with Swiss Alpine salt, black bell pepper, paprika, white bell pepper and onions rounded off with cumin, nutmeg and a hint of chipotle chili (smoked). Just Meat It - is the perfect seasoning for ground meat or tofu. Rub your meat or tofu with Just Meat It before grilling or season directly after cooking.

Packaging: tin packaging
Contents: 345g (1x 120g, 1x 100g, 1x 125g)